Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Wednesday Mini-Reviews

Note: I'm trying my best to review movies from Redbox but the pattern is too obvious that these direct to DVD/BR releases really suck. Some have been on the shelf for years and others suppose to have major releases at the movie house just to be dumped at the last minute to disc. With that being said I will be cutting back on these as they are too many to review in a week and are just plain awful to begin with. I will try to reference this with IMDB as many of the people on that sight know their movies, are fans of that particular genre and are not critics. But first the movies.

August: Osage County: 3 - Streep is excellent and so is Julia Roberts in this Dramedy about a dysfunctional family. But it's rough viewing for the regular movie goer. This was nominated for Best Assemble cast at the SAG awards and this cast deserves the nod. Both Sherlock and Obi Wan have american accents (Benedict who sings!, Ewan) Juliette Lewis comes out of hiding (where's she been?) an all star cast but a hard watch. Based on a broadway show (which I didn't know) this plays best for a netflix specia on a Wednesdaynight. Beware it ends on a flat note as there is no resolve. "Here we are, a really fucked family, and one that you don't get to know and root for". But check out the family dinner scene at 45 minutes. This is why this got the nod for Best Ensemble. Cast got its game.

Escape Plan: 3 (BR) - Stallone gets serous and Arnuld has a blast. Shame these 2 waited so long to get together and the material kinds of fails them but both actors make the best of it and do have a lot of scenes together compare to some other films. You know which ones. For fans of Expandables and old style 80's flicks. Note: Script takes a nod from a John Woo movie for the big reveal. A little to obvious but doesn't take away from the film. When you see this,can you name that other film? 45 minutes of features which is beginning to be the norm nowadays and commentary which I didn't get to yet.

Ganzfeld Haunting: 1(RB) - Filmmaking 101. How to film in one apartment with no budget and stretch it into 2 dreadful hours. Besides the 2 females leads in underwear and well known actor Dominc Purcell who probably stopped byfor free pizza one afternoon and did his lines there is nothing of ghost story here to watch. Films like this is what is pushing me away from Redbox. At least there's major releases.

Dirty Teacher: 1(RB) - From the Lifetime Channel. Dull movie where it starts with the teacher getting arrested for the crime then it goes into flashback. You can end right there as the rest of the film is a total yack fest soap opera. Been there done that.

I'm saving the test beds for the weekend with that music trivia so I don't have to do a rush job.

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