Saturday, February 01, 2014

Watch Super Bowl Commercials Now

Warning: These are 22 commercials now available for view. This is complete list according to the article. So Beware for the spoilers.
But everyone knows by now the doggy with the horse about friendship is the worst kept secret on the nternet and the big winner of all of these.For me I don't have a team to root for, music is blah even though Bruno Mars is an excellent singer but not Superbowl material. Then again who would be Superbowl Material?
Either the great ones performed already, othes are too old or not around anymore...
oh yeah..the 4 lads from England. No, not those four cause two are not around anymore.
The other 4: Jimmy, Robert, John Paul, Jason...
umm..that's a thought, lol.

ps dont mind the mini tests on Blog Talk Radio this weekend, trying some new headphones.

pss reposting this past weeks blogs with pictures for those who missed it.

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