Thursday, February 20, 2014

"For Your Consideration" - The Film That Wasn't

I'll be posting a review of "The Return of Godzilla" best known as Godzilla 1985 with reposts of this past weeks blogs for the weekend. Along with an announcement on Blog Talk Radio.

Monument Man: 3 - Remember all the hype that this film was getting for Oscar consideration and as soon as the previews were seen many at the top sure changed their minds big time. Can't blame them.
The main problem with this film was that it was too laid back. No energy what so ever. Not that Clooney did a bad job and the actors did the best they could. But what failed them was the script which in part is Clooneys fault as he had some hand in the writing. It plays episodic and when the emotional turns happen it falls flat to really care what happens next. One of the cast dies and I was looking at the clock. This wasn't a clear cut mission which is based on real events. But the film deals with a lot of these details as a matter of fact and not on a dangerous mission like it should have played out.
This would play better on Netflix or Redbox rental.

Guess with Clooney being nominated in the past for Best Director and winning for Producer on Argo, there myust have been some expectations on this getting the nod for Best Picture.
And of course the film wasn't considered after the mix reviews. I would still check this out again on Blu-ray for the features and of course the Commentary to give the filmmakers a chance to explain what they were trying to achieve.
A compliment that the film made the cover. Somebody over there loves Clooney.
The highlighted article on the making of.

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