Thursday, February 27, 2014

Oscar Predictions Part 2

The rest of my predictions for the Oscars. As I mentioned before there will be hardly any upset in the major catagories. All that is going to happen with this list below featuring mostly the technical awards. Gravity should win all those but with some other award shows the Editing and Cinematography catagories have gone to others. Now talking about upsets:
This article is a joke except for No. 4 of course. How is Nyong-0 winning be an upset when she has the stronger performance but JLaw will win cause she's everyone's favorite cutey pie.

Song: Let it Go, Frozen
Happy is the better song but everyone loves that other stupid song. U2 might be the upset over here.

The following is redundent but I did put my prefences as to why these others might win:

Music Score: Gravity            ----Saving Mr. Banks had the more memorable melody throughout
Editing: Gravity                    ----Captain Phillips had more cameras per scene for a Doc style.
Cinematography: Gravity       ----Prisoners for Roger Deakins nominated 10 times and never won.
Production Design: Gravity    ----12 Years a Slave had practical locations, less green screen.
Sound Editing: Gravity          ----There's no sound in space. DOH! Lone Survivor. Gun fire is hard.
Sound Mixing: Gravity          ----Lone Survivor, Machine gun fire is the hardest to mix with editing.

Costumes: Great Gatsby
Makeup: Dallas Buyers Club

My Favorite Award:
Visual Effects: Gravity
Yes I know they were all Green Screen. But at least Sandra Bullock looks like she was floating in Zero Gravity and not standing in front of a blue/green screen while everything else moved around THEM!

Foreign, short film, doucmentary: Your guess is as good as mine. I never get these right.
So why start now. lol...

Well that's it. Let's see how we do. In the past I'm usually 50%.
The big awards are pretty obvious this year and the tech awards? Crap Shoot.
Enjoy the awards everyone.

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