Saturday, February 08, 2014

The Beatles! ....New Links

Question: What is my favorite band of all time. DUH! The Beatles! With that here is some links that got posted on the internet within the past 24 hours.
Cool video on the history of The Beatles money wise. Also includes stats including Ringo Starr as the richest drummer in the world. Man, that cracks me up. And no 20 minute drum solo. LOL.
A day in the life of The Beatles in NYC, including stopping by The Apollo Theatre.
Good trivia, some of which I didn't know myself. Like they say, always believe in the legend.
They were the first in breaking major records. Nowadays you hear people being the first at....
blah blah blah, it really doesn't matter in this digital age. The old days was the hard way...
by earning it.

By the way: Who is my favorite solo artist? Sir Elton John.
And One of my all time favorite all time singles. Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds.
Sir Elton with John Lennon on vocals and guitar. Can't get much better than that.

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