Monday, February 24, 2014

Monday Movie News Links

As usual I post a link and put my 2 cents in aka opinion. With tongue in cheek of course. So please don't take this to seriously as I do. Sometimes some in Hollywood deserve the bashing they deserve in some of thier thinking.

Updated: 2/25/2014
By request:
This has a snapshot of GZ on how he looks before you play the trailer. Still a tease.
First Star Wars is turning into an all str cast. Doesn't Disney have faith in the original cast and the franchise itself? How many more "Star" names does this film need. And Ford for 2 Indy's?
Even though Ghostbusters is Dan Aykroyd's baby, Ramis had a lot to do with the script. Shame he didn't see Ghostbusters 3 come alive. Guess Bill Murry is still chasing his Oscar by playing 3rd banana in Monuments Men. It would be nice to see GB3 still be done and dedicted to Ramis.

Note: Godzilla 1985 Review coming later this week. - (Chk out Soundcloud comments)
Magazine cover and his roar. Empire is a great movie magazine from England. You can find this at Barnes & Noble and while more expensive than American magazine you get a lot more pages and articles. Definitely worth it. The other magazine to look for as an import is Total Film. They should The Big G on its cover soon. Right now its Capt. America on the cover:
This is not great marketing. This is brain washing! Enough! I'll looking forward to this because of James Gunn who is a Troma graduate so good for him. But all you heard was this all last week. Next!
Great article, 5 pages, on the making of with no spoilers. This looks like fun. Now where's Taken 3?
Story? Plot? Character developement? STOP! You're killing me! This is hyterical. This will be the funniest comedy of the year. This time in NYC. Gotta love it. "In Coming!"
Check out the video. Now this is marketing!

Niote: Godzilla 1985 review later this week along with my Oscar Predictions. I'm tying both
to coincide with a new Blog Talk Radiio show later this week. Something going to play for sure!
Announcement by Wednesday. Tuesday Movie reviews including 3 Days to Kill: Meh...

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