Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Oscar Predictions Part 1

This list I will cover the main awards and the second list will be the technical awards. That list will be posted before the Oscars this Sunday.
Note: My choices on this list is not influenced by any past award shows as everyone can tell that JLAW has one most of the awards for Best Supporting Actress and I still chose Nyong-O. So There.

Best Picture: 12 Years a Slave. Oscar being old fashion they are going to play it safe. I have no problem with this but only its a remake, just more graphic. Will there be an upset? Nah. I still pick Hustle tho.
But wouldn't it be funny if Gravity got it. I did pick that and got it right for the Bafta's.
My guest host David Skolnick and I talk Oscar Predictions in this episode.
This is actually Part 2. Due to a tech problem Pt. 1 was only 15 minutes. That episode we predict Best Picture. There will be a follow up to this just before the Oscars this Sunday.

Director: Cuaron for Gravity. No brainer.

Actor: Alright, alright, alright. Alright enough already! Matthew got this one. And He deserves it.

Actress: Cate Blanche: She got all the majors but Streep had the edgy performance. My favorite was Emma Thompson but man did everyone forget already Mr. Banks.

Spt. Actor: Jared Leto: He deserves it. (he's a musician? really?)

Spt. Actress: MY GIRL: Lupita Nyong'o She got it at the Bafta's. She should get it here. I don't are if Jennifer Lawrence has won a whole bunch, it was an okay performance. Give it a break!

Screenplay: American Hustle, love the dialog. Love when the character talks to the audience.

Adapted Screenplay: Wolf of Wall Street. Like Hustle I like when the story has a narrator having a telling insight of what's going on. It's not a cheat some say. It's talking to the audience and getting them involved.

Animated Film: Frozen. FK This Film! Tie: Despicable Me 2 and The Croods. But Frozen's got it.

Song, music and all the rest of the awards will be post before Friday along with a new Episode of Blog Talk Radio for the final predictions along with talk of Godzilla and other news.

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