Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Congrats to Jimmy & The Tonight Show

Movie reviews coming tomorrow. But being a New Yawker I had to put my 2 cents in.
Great show Jimmy! And thanks for bringing back the Tonight Show back to New York City where it belongs. Loved the show and looking forward when Seth Meyers premeires. Great back to back.
Poor Kimmel. Well at least he's got the LA Hollywood phonies.
And for Letterman? Hopes he milks Ed Sullivan Beatles connection for the rest of the year. Just saying.

Whole show presented.

Hihglights of the show. Love that 100 doller bet skit. Beware not even the monologue is complete.
Better off with the whole show above.

Everyone with opinions but this one was a cool review. I agree Jimmy is not the most natural
interviewer bu then again maybe if the damn guests would come alive this will help. Some just sit there and have that look "look at me I'm so cool" they turn out to be the most boring.

Another review. Some interesting tidbits. Joan Rivers Cameo was 49 years ago to this day when she first appeared. How wonder she was there. Cool.
Talk about cool. U2 looked great with NYC in the background. Shame the CD is going to suck.

Will Smith, well he's not doing ID4 Sequel and without that some don't care. At least he's not doing the I Am Legend prequel-sequel. That would no have made sense what so ever.
Wait to Bruce comes on again. That's going to rock. Well Jimmy great first show.

 Tomorrow the reviews as promised. Didn't see Robocop? Good.

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