Monday, February 17, 2014

Monday Links and Bafta Winners

While I took the Bafta Awards in stride (as some said I take this too seriously) I did have fun with the guess work. And got the main ones right. Not that I'm blowing my horn. But after a while you get the drift how these things go. Don't to go in detail as I will save this for our up and coming Live Show on BTR. On that show I will compare the Bafta with the Oscars for the final wrap up on the Awards.
So how were my guesses? Well,,,
The 2 big ones, Best Picture and Best British went to 12 years and Gravity accordingly.
Director: Alfonso Guaron
Actor: Chiwetel Ejiofor
Actress: Cate Blancett  (I picked Dench when we all knew Cate would get it.)
Adaped Screenplay: Steve Coogan, Jeff Pope for Philomena
Cinematography, etc. Gravity. But Editing got me with Rush? That made no sense. Oscars will fix that.

Ok now the big flops:
Visual Effects: Gravity instead of Pacific Rim. No problem any other film I would of flipped!
Supp Actor: Barkhad Abdi. Well no Jared Leno nod, again no problem. He made Hanks cry. Cool.
Supp Actress: Jennifer Lawrence! WTF enough already. My girl Nongy-o Lost and I'm Pissed.
Animation: Again with this Frozen crap which we knew but still pisses me off. No DM2, FU!
Rising Star: Will Pouter. I didn't know he was the kid from We Are the Millers and British! Very cool surprise and he was pretty damn funny in The Millers. Especially the spider bit.
Then again I didn't anyone besides Ms. Nyong'o. This girl can't get a break!
Road to the Oscars Article. At this point we know who's going to win. Any upset has already happen
at the Baftas, as I mentioned above. Oscar blog and predictions coming next week.
Here is a great promo "For You Consideration" that they put in magazines like Vareity and Hollywood Reporter for The Oscars. But this version many pics and videos included. Very cool package.

Ok here are the Monday Links:
Are you serious? 18 years later? As a working part time background actor (extra) this should be thrown out of court.  Read the last comment on the bottom by "FARCE", good explanation.
3 mini vids included just to wet your appetite. 2 behind the scenes and then trailer.
Start of a great thing but how come Disney name was not mentioned anywhere in this article?

Movie reviews tomorrow and new Blog Talk Radio later this week.

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