Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Tuesday Mini Reviews

Season 3 Premiere on Blog Talk Radio tomorrow, Wednesday at 8 pm EST. 2 Hour special on the Oscars, predictions and the year in movies for 2014.
Today and tommorrow will be a mishmash of Links, Movie, Blu-ray and Redbox reviews.

Sorry Leo fans, this is not going tohappen at Matthew's got this one in the bag. Interesting behind the scenes bit that I didn't know about. But damn what a tease that is and not winning.

Cute little video that I had to post that's coming along the with new Muppet movie.

Lego Movie: 5 - Bring on the Sequel! Starts off with a great song "Everything is Awesome" on how to start the day including buying over price coffee, "That'll be 37 dollars" Funny jokes, great animation and inside jokes and that's just the first 5 minutes of the movie! Non-stop laugh fest from beginning to end. And yes Batman does have most of the jokes. But what a great cast. And lots of cameos of different characters, nonstop. Minor Spoiler: At the very beginning the main character tries on different outfits in very quick cuts. Did anyone notice the Godzilla costume or did I imagine that?...
That's it, no more. No major release down the pike? I'm going back. Sorry George, I'll catch up.

All is Lost: 4 - Redford owns this. Shame he didn't get the nod as he does carry the film. Way better than Castaway. At least Redford doesn't talk to a friggin volleyball. 45 minutes of features and a commentary that serves filmmaking 101 to it's fullest. Still in the middle the commentary but it does have surprises. I thought this was all filmed at Fox Baja Studios where they built the Titanic set in Mexico. All various points including Bahama and California were also filmed. Got me on that one.

Ender's Game: 3 - Another version of Starfleet Academy and Starship Troopers but all this leads to an unpredictable ending which was a nice surprise. Very smartly done. 1 hour of features and 2 commentaries. I haven't caught up to this but looking forward to it as this film got mixed reviews but Ford and the kid really good together and Director Gavin made a solid movie compare to Wolverine.

Blue is the Warmest Color: 1 - It's also the most boring color if you have 2 and half hours to waste. Take out the 6 minute sex scene (about 1 hour into the movie if you want to fast forward) and there's nothing here to care about especially the charcters. This film just drags. At least she's cute, that's it.

Death Wish: - 4 - Released last week. A blast from the past if you want to see NYC early 1970's.
Charles Bronson big breakout role as the vigilante who had enough. Look for Jeff Goldblum as one of the bad thugs at the beginning of the movie. No bonuses but the movie stands on its own.

Local Duplex showing The Lego Movie

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