Tuesday, December 01, 2015

Tuesday's Movie News

New Radio show coming before the weekend is out.

Video included. Dream sequence or not, there wasn't much to go on. I like the Civil War trailer better. Just seeing Iron Man getting the crap beaten out of him was hysterical. But what was also funny was the dude on the slab with Penguins umbrella sticking out of his mouth. That was a riot!
PS Doesn't Wonder Woman look just a tad to skinny next to these dudes. I mean, really.

Screw this up JJ and back to TV you go. Naaaw, only kidding. That's the last thing we need. For him to go back and make Lost 2 is the last thing we need since "Lost" was one of the worst shows ever shown on TV. See? I'm not afraid of no studio executives ghosts, lol.

A remake of "For Your Eyes Only"? What, Bond ain't going to outer space? Besides being regarded as one of the best Moore's films it would bring the budget down big time as Spectre was too big of a budget and bloated to boot. More down scale this franchise would be the right move and still keep the gadgets, lol. And would someone mind to put a Bond girl back in a bikini? Thank youuuuuuuuu.

River Song is a favorite character and should be interesting to see these two together. Her Clara had a nice setup but that last episode of her dying was a total waste and quite depressing for a lovable character like that not to go in a blaze of glory. So a little pick me up for the Holidays should be fun.

The big talk about the 5 minute sequence is shown here with a quick snippet. Still kicking myself out of all films not to see this past weekend and I've been a Rocky fan since day one and even gave Rocky Balboa high praise exception being Rocky 5 of course. There's always one stinker in the bunch, lol.

Talk about Stallone, Ramob is going to TV well at least RAmbo Jr. with Dad at his side. Heck, why not. It workd with Creed with Rocky being his mentor and that's getting a sequel. The way I look at it it beats RAmbo fighting a creature made by the military science lab or some insane plot. Remember that. And lets not get started with those military raptors that Spielberg can't still let go off.

Cool behind the scenes making of on the making of this. As explained in the video it takes 48 frames per day to help make a scene. Tried it once, never again and that's why I call this an art form. But the raves this is getting is unbelievable for a stop motion film. Lets not forget Shaun the Sheep. 10x better than Inside Out. Friggin overrated.

Note: My neighborhood cinema for the winter. Usually no more than 2 screens hold a big opening picture. Lets see what happens with Star Wars.

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