Thursday, December 17, 2015

The Force is Strong at the Box Office

New Blog Talk Radio Show now playing.The Force and The Globes. Got my tix for this Saturday, pics included below links.

Last Update:
It's official. The @250M is in. Now here comes the fun part. It Mentions the trouble the film will have in China as the first trilogy was a bomb over there. Will it make the money it needs to help it be all time boxffice. And tme mystery deepens, lol.
Predictions for a $250M count, more than they thought. So that takes care of the opening day record. Now the fun begins, where is this going to land in the top 10 or 5. Three weekends to go thru Jan. 9 when it opens in China.

Great collection of tweets, pics, vids, trivia, rumours and other goodies throughout the net. One of my fav vids? JJ and Ford on Conan where he tries to sign the Lego Falcon and destroys it. Sofunny.
Long article with predictions for Force Awakens with comparisons, numbers and other calculations.  The writer must be getting paid by the word. It' simple a this: Repeat performance. All the hardcore fans are showing up early because before spoilers get to them. But already there's negative feedback as some are not happy with some of the major plot points. That can kill repeat performances. Big time. This has 2 holidays to go thru. Will it keep the momentum?
So James Bond did make a cameo. Daniel Craig as a stormtrooper? And I was wondering what was up with that Kelvin egg thru our J films ( a nod to his father). And Kevin Smith helping out with the voices. Makes sense with Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back. ll these and more.

So far so good but I'm surprise we still have to wait for India and Greece. Why didn't they release the movie like the other countries? And of course China being the last will be the big crown at the end to put this on top. That and the repeat performances the film will need to top Avatar. How you think that got to be the all time champ.
Talk about Boxoffice, this mentions the worst of the year like Jem and the Holograms, and the big surprises that they didn't expect  aka Jurassic World. Nice little chart included of the pro and cons.
Adn that's why they are keeping an eye on Star Wars, will be the all time champ?
A trip down memory lane, with many not with us any more. And for those who are still with us many have moved on to busy careers. A hard thing to do with the nature of this business.
Here goes Director Lin explaining what he's going to do with Beyond. Read the comments (mean and funny) and you can see why the fans are not buying this movie. While I loved what Lin did with Fast Furious Franchise and he's great with action with Pegg writing who is a sci-fi geek, somehow this is not adding up to what Trekkers are looking forward too.
Just the idea of having a sequel to Edge is the reason for seeing this. Love that movie and MI6 hit it on the mark. Something the next Bond film should be looking into. That's right I said it from a Bond fan himself.
Strange that Diesel is making all this noise with Riddick and XxX 3. Trying to make up for Witch Hunter? Yeah people forgot about that and not paying any attention now with that 800 lb Gorilla from a galaxy far far away.)I mean that affectionately of course). Talk about bad timing.

Town of Aguadilla, PR, Thursday afternoon showings sold out. Got the tickets straight from the box office for 1 pm Saturday by family request. I was warned not to go to an earlier showing without them. So wait I must do.

Originally only 2 theatres were going to play The Force Awakens when management decided to play it safe earlier in the week and have three open. Duh!

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