Monday, December 28, 2015

SW: The Force Awakens Hits $1 Billion

Radio show now playing: The Force Awakens pt. 2, new show Pt. 2 coming this Wednesday. Lots of trivia on this show. Please see links below for talk on the show. Top 10 mini-reviews listed on our previous blog. This list will be used for our award show next week. Photo of me (wearing Phantom Menace shirt) at the old MNN studios below links.
The Force Awakens hits the $1 Billion mark. That sure was fast. And if it keeps up this pace it will hit the $2 Billion mark and ready to take out Avatar in a few weeks. Ok China its all yours on Jan. 9. Lets go China!

Updated Links:
No.1 had a tri-wing tei fighter. I mentioned that on the last radio show from The IMperial Handbook which were called The Defender and The Phantom. No.3 was scary and too close. See link below. Some of the rest might be in the next movie. Who knows.
Wow, what a bad idea. And it wouldn't have been fair to show one ghost and not the others. And Yoda would have been the one to see more than the others especially Christensen. Sorry dude, but the force ain't with you man. This guy can't catch a break can he, lol?

Previously earlier today:
This thing about the stormtroopers being kidnapped when they were kids instead of being cloned still turns out the same result. They can't shoot straight let alone hit their targets. Well if you got a beef with this one, check out the next list with 40 plot holes from the movie.
Stupid long ass link. Most of these nail it. I still have a problem with thatfrigging damn mask Kylo wears, like why. My favorite is No. 40. They take the franchise from Lucas only to repeat the same damn plot from the trilogy. Well ain't that what most franchises do? If ain't broke, why fix it? Just re-arrange the parts, that's all, lol.!Han-Solo-v-Kylo-Ren-How-It-Could-Have-Been-If-Scripted-By-George-Lucas/c9uh/56804e9b0cf21caddb9859cb
This would have been a great scene but then again there would be no sequels. Lets face it, Han Solo died a punk ass death, he deserved better.
Remember when Disney tried to sue people for revealing That Rey action figure a few weeks that showed a plot point, which made no sense either way. But tying Finn to Land to via a jigsaw puzzle is a stretch. Or are we running out of ideas for articles?
The article that Trekkers and Jedi's refuse to acknowledge and are in complete denial. Something I enjoy to laugh at. Aren't we all sci-fi fans? But the Falcon an R2D2 cameos are the best along with Simon Pegg being in both. Man that is funny.

Live at MNN Studios, 1999, 10 years on the air. This was The Big Phantom Menace show, reviewing the movie and taking phone calls. Cheapo supremo many years before the studio went digital. With The Force Awakens this brings me full circle of celebrating 25 years on the air and wishing of seeing a new Star Wars movie come true.

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