Monday, December 21, 2015

Star Wars Box Office & Oscar Talk

New Radio show coming tomorrow: SWs Force Awakens review & more. Spoiler articles are in the bonus section for those who haven't seen it yet. Also included with my interview with Mark Hamill 1992 on Youtube. I'm updating this blog cause Han Solo holding an Oscar looks so friggin cool.

So its obvious he gets paid the most, read paragraph 8 about those backend bonuses Only after the film clears $1Billion. DUH!
Clear of spoilers review. Read paragraph 6 as that will be my picking point on the radio show about Kylo Ren and the actor. Sorry dude but total miscast.
Will somebody make up their minds? LOL. So it Did beat Jurassic World for all time opening. Now about that China thing...
This has a breakdown of all the records that Force Awakens broke this past weekend. Pretty cool.

Big opening but it didn't beat Jurassic World all time international opening. It had China to thanks for that one. So now it's all up to China to make this the all time champion when it's released on Jan. 9.
Includes a cool chart showing how much it made in the different terrotories
Yep all the nods for tech awards but remember AFI picked this for the top 10 of the year and usually 7-8 get nominations for Oscars. It did make the shortlist for VFX. See article below.
Let's face it, the main competition are Mad Max and The Martian. Ant-Man is a surprise but what the hell is Tomorrowland doing here? No big deal on the visuals.

Bonus Section: Spoilers are included in the following articles:
These 3 articles cover a lot of ground on the movie. One thing for sure, it does bring up a lot of questions.Much more will be covered on the radio show before Xmas Day for sure.
14 big reveals. My biggest reveal was what a spoiled punk  Kylo Ren was with Daddy issues to boot. Really?
Numb, Ackbar, Raid 2 actors, Simon Pegg and Daniel Craig as a stormtrooper which was a highlight and one of the funniest scenes. But couldn't hear the "Force Ghosts" during the flashback scene. It was edited to fast to catch.
The three most annoying was when Maz said "another time maybe" not explaining how she got to own lightsaber, C3PO with that stupid red arm and R2D2 waking up at the last minute. Had a good nap trash can?

Note: More articles coming tomorrow on other subjects. Below my interview with Mark Hamill back in 1992.

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