Wednesday, December 09, 2015

Wednesday's Movie News

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In this video he mentions Lucas retiring and the future of Indiana Jones. Like I said before they will have a new Indy Jones since Disney now owns the franchise. But hardcore fans it would be nice for Ford to do one more which hopefully will end on a Grand Note instead of the last one which fans refuse to acknowledge. (The one about that crystal crap or something).
Multi videos showing he conferences. They must be paying a fortune in back pay points cause not only he hates interviews he never sits down with the cast with any film. Can you remember the last time he did one if he did at all?
Simple: you spent $4 Billion on a franchise you better the believe that kitchen sink is going to have it's own series. Again even though they threw Lucas under the bus, whatever he left on the shelf is Disney's and they're are going to milk it for what it's worth. This what happens when you throw shit money on properties like Tomorrowland and Good Dinosaur. Gotta get that money back somehow. For us hardcore we were promised a live action series since The Phantom Menace but with a different story line. Well what ever we get is better than nothing.
Eldris Alba gets to Nods! Great for him. Now about that Bond thing. Spence, John Spence 009 Secret Agent. That number was mentioned in Spectre. Remember they were thinking of having Halle Berry character Jinx from Die Another Day her own spin off. So give it to Alba and everyone will be happy. Trivia: There was going to be a spinoff with Michelle Yeoh from Tomorrow Never Dies but she was sign up with other films already and the schedule wouldn't permit. Damn that would have been a good one. So see even the producers of BOND already were thinking of it. Anyways as far as the other nominations more on that tomorrow as I will mention the list on the next radio show this week.
As far as movies go both Damon and Stallone makes no sense. DAmon was the picutre and Stallone gave one his best performances which was underplayed to perfection. No "ADRIANNE!"
Tarantino screwed up with Hateful 8 by not putting out a screener for the nod but Straight Outta Compton for Best Ensemble was the best choice. They should get it. But then again....
And for TV: The one I have to agree with is Empire. They put so much in the first season that they ran out of steam and it's like they are repeating themselves. Which hurts the actors since they themselves are repeating the same dialog and drama from last year. Conflict can only go so far.
Here is that list of the main actors considered for the role of Solo. Malek is one fo the worst, he's great for Mr. Robot but not for Solo. Maybe Teller could do it but he's way to serious. At the bottom I voted. Guess which one? You would think Hilarious right? So close but I vote SAD. VERY SAD.

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