Thursday, December 03, 2015

Thursday's Movie News

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Krampus? Really? Strange weekend all fighting for No. 1 which Hunger GM3 will take regardless. Go see Creed instead. Stallone for Suppt Actor, no joke. Really.
Worst kept secret as we know Spidey is going to be in Civil War. To what extent? Well some are calling it Avengers 2.5 which is fine with me, whatever. Look at Bats Vs Sups formally known at Man of Steel 2 or Pre-Justice League or....oh hell just bring it on already!
Ratings buster. Nobody saw this coming. Best Broadway show that gets a Tony? Nah. Movie version with Micheal Jackson? Uughh. Now this worked, maybe because of Circus De (yeah thoes guys) helped expand the version. Now that we got this out of the way, we DO NOT need another movie version. Can we move along now? PS about the commercials, it was needed to give the show a break in between on changing those massive sets. Free tv and people still complain. jeez..

Well now that the trailer pretty much tells you what the movie is about, there goes the plot. But at least we know what we're getting. Affleck as an older Batman works but whats with the gun? Cavill as Sups, working are we? Skinny Wonder Woman is not shown much so that can be a surprise on what she does near the end. But over the top Luthor? Now we got a problem. Too hammy but having our Heroes all gloomy is what is needed here. Abomination I mean Doomsday courtesy of General Zods body. Whatever. Let them all fight! The internet is screaming CGI, Green Screen, etc. What do they expect from the makers Man of Steel?
All these numbers gives me a headache. Long story short everyone's done good and no one is getting cancelled for the season. But that Flash/Arrow crossover worked out great. Even if the villain, Vandal Savage, called them out on their "Silly Costumes". Can't believe they left that. Good sense of humor. And next week we'll have the return of Mak Hamill as the Trickster. It's all good.
Funny video. All for a good cause. Wonder how many people knew it was him. Did you see my interview with him from the 1990's? It's on Youtube in case you haven't seen it.
All I can say about Boseman is he should have been nominated for "42" along with Harrison Ford for Best Actor and Suppt Actors Oscars. And he got James Brown dead on in Get On Up. He will kick ass in his solo movie. So check out those two movies to see what Panther has in store.
I love westerns and while I thought Django Unchained was a good send up of spaghetti westerns it just kind of missed its mark. Now the reviews are coming and the one mention that caught my eye was the mention of Sam Peckinpah, director of my favorite western The Wild Bunch. Now I'm there.
Sweet as Peter would say. We worked for The Simpsons so why not. But they really got push the PG-13 rating on this one without going overboard with the nasty stuff. They can save that for the BR releasel

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