Wednesday, December 16, 2015

The Force is Strong With Reviews

New Radio show coming soon before seeing Force Awakens. The Force & The Globes.
Note: No spoilers on today's blog.
$200M and counting now. And after the film opens in China in Jan.9, the only question left is will it take out Avatar? It all depends on repeated performances. How many times will they see this to make it all time Box Office.
Video interview with the actors. While already there's talk of Christie's role not being big enough, remember Boba Fett in Empire Strikes Back which was mostly a Cameo and forget Jedi and now he has his own film?
Fallon, Roots and cast doing the themes with Harrison Ford doing the final notes. And those girls can sing!
Review by Co-founder TheForce.Net. A pro and cons review but check out the bottom of the article where he lists his best to worst of all the films. And this one comes at No. 4 after Return of the Jedi? Ain't that a bit harsh?
A breakdown of some of the highlights without giving away any spoilers. "Impressive". At least this review just mentions what fun it was without the cons.
Is everyone caught up with the hype and are in denial like Phantom Menace when the dust cleared and we had to admit we got screwed with the last trilogy? Or did JJ actually knocked out of the park. These reviews shows JJ could do no wrong.
You know somethings wrong when the director has to explain the trailer after all the bad feedback. Not a good sign at all. And this what makes Star Wars fans laugh at the Trek franchise. Can't blame really blame them especially after seeing that motorcycle. Yeah that bothers me a lot, lol.
After Star Wars the only thing to talk about will be the award season at the beginning of the year. While most don't care for me the idea of Mad Max and The Martian representing Sci-fi is a reason to cheer the awards this year. And maybe Force Awakens will get a few nods itself. Well I'm putting in my bets.

Updated late this afternoon:
Star Wars has joined Mad Max and The Martian for the American Film Institute. Guess my bets paid off already in one day, lol. Not to shabby.

Note: Saturday is the big day for Star Wars so we will have a Radio show before then.

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