Monday, December 14, 2015

Star Wars Week

New Radio Show coming before The Force opens with predictions.
Again with the piracy nonsense. That is not going to matter with this film. It's all about those plot points especially the big guess about Luke Skywalker and why he is not on that poster. And once the fans find out that Luke is bla bla bla and his light saber is bla bla bla nad veryone else spilling the beans on the internet, will a friggin bootleg copy going to make a difference? See below.
Number One Rule: Do Not Talk about Fight Club. Anything else? The Shit hits the fan!
By next Monday morning every detail is going to be known about the film and there's no where to hide. But once the audience finds out will this hurt the box office and its repeat performance?
2 Video interviews with 99 pics included. Personal opinion. What's up with hiding the good looking ones? Lupita is cute as heck and a Oscar winner and they hide her under heavy CG. Same thing with Idris Elba in the new Star Trek Beyond Trailer under heavy makeup. Women want him as the next James Bond (is that a friggin compliment or what) and they got him as some new alien, not evena Klingon. WTF?
Mad Max leading the charge with 13 Nods! It's only competition is The Martian with all these tech awards. Carol will be the Drama favorite with the Oscars who love those Period Costume Dramas.
More on all this in January when award season comes into play.
This B & W version was supposed to be on the BR/DVD. Well it looks like double dip as they were features shown on other websites that were not on the BR release.
Interesting history on bringing the book to life and its journey to total box office failure. Filmmaking 101, it's all in here folks. But releasing a movie about a Whale before Star Wars, C'mon. Really?
Singer is doing his best on fixing the franchise and reintroducing a lot of the characters from the earlier films since they screw that up in the first place aka Ratner's Angel. Uuggh.
Great, another new alien species on a rock. Saving on the budget are we? Check out the comments on this. Man they show no mercy. And to be honest where the hell are the Klingons? or the Romulans, Ferengi's, Cardissians, (add more here.......).
Tired of doing sequels? Bullshit. Smith, Lawrence, Bay want to do another Bad Boys sequel and it was Smith who's been pushing for a I Am Legend No. 2 whether he died or not. And if Suicide Squad is a huge hit you don't think he be in that also. Bottomline: ID4 couldn't afford him.
It's official, we are getting a whole seasons worth of shows with a holiday episode to boot. Can't wait to see what movies they are going to spoof on. And if this works then more seasons will come our way. God knows there's enough bad movies out there to rip form indys to majors.

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