Monday, December 07, 2015

Monday's Movie News

New Promo for Blog Talk Radio now playing then the big show. Mini-review of In The Heart of the Sea included: 2 out of 5. So disappointing. Saw the trailer? You saw the movie.
No Jar Jar and no Ewoks and no Post Credits. Good! That belongs in the Marvel universe so keep there.  As far as Jar Jar he did make through 3 movies and that's enough. One movie with Ewoks is more than needed before we get cuteness overload. Now that we got that out of the way, just 2 more weeks till we find out what happened to Luke Skywalker. I mean that is the big story ain't it?
Trek trailer plays during SW The Force Awakens. Thank you JJ to show it's ok to love both Star Wars and Star Trek! I don't get it with some of the fans. There's enough room for everyone, jeeez.
This breaks my heart as I was looking forward to see this. So disappointing. 2 out of 5. The whale gets about 20 minutes of screen time. It's all about Thor and his crew and you couldn't care less. Very disjointed in the editing department and in this article Howard stated he had to cut down some of the book and it shows. And lets not talk about the green screen, it's very apparent in some of the scenes.
I met Ron Howard when he was directing Splash with Tom Hanks (met him too, also cool) and Howard was so gracious and cool when talking to him and he was in the middle of directing a scene! And I love the Moby Dick story when I grew up and this movie came up short all around. Wait for Redbox,
Worst films of the year. Who cares about most of these but Mad Max is actually on this? The film that the National Board of Review named Best Picture of the year next to Pixels and Paul Blart, really? Think it's time to cancel my membership with these guys.

Let's face it. Slow news week as everyone is waiting for that 800 lb Gorilla to premiere next week.
The Force is very strong indeed with this one, lol.

Note: The show starts at the 1:00 minute as I was fixing the headphones when the show started. Sorry about that, lol.

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