Thursday, December 24, 2015

The Force Breaks a New Christmas Record

New Blog Talk Radio now playing, The Force Awakens Review Part 1 with other mini movie-reviews. Part 2 coming on Monday for more Star Wars talk. Above: The new trio of Star Wars.
Today's blog will continue through the weekend with a list of mini move reviews now listed below the articles. Best: The Revenant 4.5, Leo's Oscar!

Saturday Update:
The Force was stong with Xmas and breaking more records. Let's see what kind of record it breaks New Years after hitting the $1Billion mark as I predicted before. See below.
21 reasons why it the deserves the money. I have just one (two). Being an old die hard since 1977 since I first Star Wars it was a dream come true that we actually got a new film finally. That and, with all its faults, better than the Menace trilogy.

So the big question is will it clear the big $1 Billion mark world wide this weekend? Duh! And after New Years it will be all gravy train from there on.
Well it did it again on Tuesday. It broke Spideys record for biggest earnings on a Monday and now it took out Tuesday's record. And for Wednesday? What ever record that was is now gone.
Great 45 minute video. This include above the line (salaries above the $1 million mark) and below the line (salaries below the $1M mark, don't feel bad as they are part of the union who still make a hell of a lot). Good insight on the making of the movie with funny stories to boot.
Total collection of the past week tweets with pics, videos, interviews, cameos, eggs, and a lot of other goodies. I love when this sight puts this collection together. It saves me time with putting multiple articles on one blog.

Extra: Mini Reviews for now until the New Years Radio show right after Force Awakens Part 2.

Anomalisa: 3 - Amazing work but midlife crisis subject is boring. But sex scene was funny.
Spotlight: 4 - Better cast ensemble than The Big Short with a unexpected twist at the end.
The Big Short: 3 - Not to funny as it could have been due to confusing terminology.
Trumbo: 4 - Cryston is excellent but miscasting throws the story off. That was John Wayne?
Joy: Bore gets a 1 out 5. Where was the comedy? Golden Globe nominated? For what?
Concussion: 3 - Will Smith did a good job about a doctor who cared about the truth and I was actually interested.
Point Break: 2 - Lousy remake, bad editing which ruined some decent action scenes.
Carol: 3 - I can see this being a favorite of Oscars but this is a Netflix  Two for Tuesdays
Brooklyn: 3 - This is the other 2 for Tuesdays on Netflix. Period piece for yawners.
Steve Jobs: 3 - Fassbender does a great job of making Jobs look like a real scumbag of an asshole.
Was he really like that? Since this plays out more like fiction than actual bio we'll never know.
Hateful 8: 4 - While a good 30 min could have been cut out for a tighter picture, it's still a dialogue driven film. While the language is racist it does represent the time period. And what violence? Didn't they see The Revenant?
The Revenant: 4: More of a visual film and more violent than Hateful 8, Indians attacking, body count and that bear scene alone. And again it could have tighter if 30 minutes been cut.
The Danish Girl: 4: While this is not my kind of film, I did feel the pain of the character and that ending was sad as hell. Oscar's kind of film and Redmayne is Leo's competition for sure since Redmayne did win already and Leo's overdue. But these damn British actors are so damn good.
Assassin: 1 - Foreign film nominated for the most boring picture of the year.
Beast of No Nation: 3 - Excellent cast but with a story a bit long about a child soldier.
Legend - 2 Tom Hardy is great as both brothers with a story that goes nowhere.
Ridiculous 6: Seriously 1; All these comedians and the Mule steals the show in just a few scenes.
Bill Murray Xmas: 1: Lady Gaga and Clooney couldn't save this. Where was the Star Wars theme with lyrics? This was just so awful and not funny. This can make anyone into a Scrooge. Wait didn't he do a film called...oh never mind.

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