Tuesday, December 29, 2015

The Force Awakens is Now Top of 10 All Time

New Radio Show coming before New Years: ST:The Force Awakens Part 2. For the New Year the Best of 2015, Golden Globes and Oscars talk and other surprises. Check out 1977 pic below links.

Top 10 of all time. Took out my Minions at the No. 10 spot but it's worth it. One more weekend to take out Jurassic World at No. 3 and the game is on! Titanic is history for sure. Includes boxoffice numbers of international totals.

Tribute to Lucas is No. 3 on the program, mostly likely the second hour. Even tho this was film before TFA is now top 10 all time, how did he feel knowing the very thing he created got taken away and be a huge box office titan as it is now. Wow under the bus even before it premiered. 
Updated correction: He was No. 2, half hour in. So much for this article getting it right, jeez.

Look at this chart. Two of my favorite films side by side. At this pace this is going to skip the rest of the top 10 and hit the No. 3 by New Years. Sweet.

Posted late as I had to background check a trivia question. The movie? The Conversation 1974. Directed by Francis Ford Coppola and starring Gene Hackman and co-starring Harrison Ford in a small role. Wexler helped out on the camera work but was  not credited on the movie. This was Harrison's 2nd big feature after American Graffiti, pre-Star Wars.

A long long time ago, that was me and my generation, the first, seeing Star Wars before it was known as "A New Hope". and yes we dressed like that along with the bell bottoms and hardly a female in sight. They came a few months later.

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