Tuesday, December 08, 2015

Tuesday's Movie News

This picture is begging for a lot of quotes. So he liked the film?
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Let me answer a question I've been getting lately and which I mentioned on the last radio show.
Why are we getting SW:Force Awakens advertising/marketing shoved down our throats?
Simple: Disney is all and failure is not an option. Good Dinosaur has to break even at $500M and Tomorrowland is a complete write off. Meaning a loss of almost $1B in one year and a complete embarrassment for The House of Mouse. So how are they going to make up that lose? Yep Star Wars.

This must be tearing his heart out unless he's getting points from the boxoffice somehow. After throwing him under the bus why would he say nice things about the movie Unless it gets Phantom Menace backlash meaning the story, not the cash cow, then he feels vindicated.

Kind of dumb but I figure I put it up anyway. We all know Han shot first, Greedo was a putz. So there. The next video is funnier with Bill Hader doing impressions of Jabba and the dying Taun Taun.
But wait for the the third video with Harrison Ford yawning in the next video. Then there's the Micheal Moore interview..........

Great interview with Tarantino explaining 70mm and Roadshow formats which he applied to The Hateful Eight. I remember seeing these kind of flicks back in the day but now you can see this on Blu-ray with classics like Ten Commandments, Ben-Hur, Gone with the Wind. But for this?

They are not wasting anytime promoting Avengers 3, I mean Civil War. Who's missing? Hulk and Thor? but they got everyone else with the kitchen sink in this. But whatever it's called it's goin to be great seeing all these in one movie.

Didn't see that coming. But then again I'm not hardcore with the storyline so I take the show for what it is and this was a cool surprise. Can't wait to see this mesh with The Flash speaking of which...

So the Flash is in here but without the costume. Why wait. Looks like everyone else is making some sort of cameo.

"The fans mis the action fighting in the arenas" What bullshit. They miss the extra Kaching these films bring. Which this damn thing will go away already. Didn't the burn Battle Royale enough already?

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