Thursday, December 31, 2015

The Force Is Not with Lucas!

New Radio Show coming after New Years Day, *Question: Why is this so great and so fast at the boxoffice? Simple: Repeats and that is due to all the easter eggs that people miss the first time. 007 as a stormtrooper, Jedi Ghost voices, etc. New blog coming tomorrow.
No. 8 of all time after knocking off Frozen. At this rate one film per day till it hits No.1 with only 7 to go (including No. 1). And as far as Wednesday it's No. 4 breathing down Jurassic World and just $130M to take out AVatar. Mere Pennies!
Includes 54 minute video interview on Charlie Rose Special. Damn, Anger leads to Hate, Hate leads to the Dark Side, the Dark Side leads to Lucas.....Damn.
Other leading article about this slavery thing. So the House of Mouse is into slavery. Why does Princess Leia in that slave outfit come to mind.
Picky picky picky...One beef I agree with is the trio never got together, something I mentioned on the show. I like the end of the first paragraph: It's possible Avatar all time record could fall..but we'll have to wait a few months to see if...break this unbreakable record. How about a few days eh?
On the positive side, this is about Mark Hamill signing things from the fans. I have a few myself after I interviewed him and if you look closely it's the double LL's that the forgers get wrong. But he is very cool about the fans that's for sure.
Where's the screen test on that one? OOH Ah OOh Ah! "I'm going to make Jabba an offer he can't refuse." Holy crap don't me started. Check him out doing his Rod Steward impression in Danny Collins, A nod for Golden Globe.
Corporate greed at it's best and hurting the very fans who help keep the franchise alive. Simple solution to all this. Make it a parody like Seth McFarlane did with both Star Trek and Star Wars and they touch them for the most part. Check out the 14 quotes from Trek in the gallery. Makes a lot of sense.
Those little guys still have it. While getting knocked of the top 10 of all time ( now No. 11) they still hold the No. 1 on home sales.
The nerve of this guy turning down all these iconic roles just to wait all this time for a little thing called an Oscar. Jeez some people, ya know? Gotta admit, he does cool holding that light saber.

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