Wednesday, December 02, 2015

Wednesday's Movie News

New Blog Ralk Radio Show coming soon. Lots of reviews.
For a busy they sure covered a lot and we still have part 2 to cover. Lots of fun all squeezed in an hour. Then I turned in to Agents of Shield and was bored to tears. Again DC is getting TV right. Marvel is another story.
Includes behind the scenes video. What a great setup for Legends of Tomorrow. Now that rumour of Supergirl making a cameo and Superman himself is showing up on that show what will the future bring? Something very much to look forward to.
Mad Max and The Martian are the big winners with The Hateful Eight getting Tarantino the screenplay award. The big surprise is Stallone for Supporting Actor. Are the Oscars listening. He nailed it. Finally saw Creed yesterday and it is all that. 4 out of 5. Especially that 5 minute boxing match at the 55 minute mark. This was the best film to see for the Thanksgiving weekend. As far as this list goes, why is Inside Out getting so much praised. Easily the most overrated film of the year, animation or not.
Funny video of Ford using Han Solo doll. Hopefully it wasn't a collectors item. He just ripped that sucker apart. Ok now, Let's make this easy: EVERYONE'S wrong for this!!! Get a complete unknown who has massive training in the theatre either Broadway or the London Stage and you can't go wrong. While some like Teller might be good for the role,  these shoes are just to big to fill. And fans will judge big time.
Spielberg can talk all he wants. Father time has the final answer and only he knows when there will be another Indy Jones. But Wait! There is another! That's right, the Mouse himself also has the answer. Remember it was a package deal with both Star Wars and Indy Jones. And if Disney can tell Lucas to take a hike and re-invent the next trilogy without him, what makes you think they can't do the same thing with this franchise. And the most ironic thing. Spielberg wanted to do a Bond Flick and they turn him down, and Lucas told him in so many words "we have our own James Bond" hence Indy Jones.Yes Spielberg still has a grudge against the producers of Bond. Trivia: Guess which picture he was going to do? For Your Eyes Only, the very same one which might be the next Bond.
Why they can't get this franchise right is beyond me. While Iron Man 3 sucked beyond belief at least Shane Black was on the first film and should have an idea where to take this. Either that or this is going to suck too. But I do want this to happened. Not like Producer Rodriguez version where he was given a small budget to make it happen.

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