Monday, November 30, 2015

Monday's Movie News

Blog Talk Radio Special Edition premiering this week. Finally.
Check out the funny video where the Gotham cast choose Batman to keep their jobs. But a nice surprise for tonight's episode and something to look forward to.
Another funny video with the actual Doctor visiting Jackson with a letter from Steven M about doing the show. Check out the double ending with a surprise and mention of another show.Jackson has to do it. The show needs it, this past season has been so lame. And what's with the budget?
While HGN2 was No. 1 followed by the Good Dinosaur, Creed managed to hold it's own and by all accounts was the best of the 3 films story wise from the film fans. This was the one film I didn't see as I was dragged kindly ask by family if they could see Hunger Games, Dinosaur and Frankenstein thru the Thanksgiving weekend instead.. I know, this is not good for my reputation for the blog.
As far as everyone coming back for another round why not. At least there won't be any sequels for the others. At least Dinosaur was a 3, the others a 1! And yes Frankensteins monster shows up at the last 10 minutes of the movie. WTF!
$50 Millions opener. More than Spectre which is a total embarrassment. Speaking of which looks like
Bond is going to do its best of making me look like an amateur after stating this will be top 10 of all time. Not even close internationally. This even has broken the top 40. What happened to the Bond fans?
Great idea to continue instead of a lousy reboot. The only problem with this is we won't get the puppets which made ti a novelty. If they go total CGI it will look so out of place in matching up the previous films. Think of Yoda in both trilogy's.
What a pissed off ending. Hope the brat gets his due! Have to admit this was a great season besides a yawner or too. But how can the fans say it was lame episode? It wasn't up to par like the rest of the other finales but did you see that cliffhanger coming at the end? Feed him to the walkers I say, lol.
Heck yeah. He can restart with knocking off Congress. That's a good place to start. At least they can fix that stupid ending of him being a lumberjack. And please give his father a rest with that name code.

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