Thursday, December 10, 2015

Golden Globes and SAG Nominations

Last weeks Radio show now playing. New one for this weekend: Mad Max Best Picture Nod!

One thing for sure. It will get all the technical awards in it's favor. If you've seen the bonus features on the BR/DVD you'll see why. The only other competition will be The Martian as far as the tech awards. But there is too much love for this picture. Now we have to wait for the big suspense and see what Oscar has in mind.
The big surprise is Mad Max and that's it. Now a quick take about the snubs shall we?:
Johnny Depp - Black Mass: The picture was no Goodfellas and Depp hiding under makeup is been there done that. No special anymore so no surprise even tho he was really good but not great.
Tom Hanks Bridge of Spies: Saw it once and that was good enough. Nothing to grab on to.
Meryl Streep Ricki and Flash: Really a snub? Worst Streep picture ever. They did her a favor.
De Niro The Intern: Pleasant performance but Pacino was a Hoot! No snub here.
Liz Banks Love and Mercy: 2 snubs here, Liz and John Cusack were the ultimate love story. Shame.
What should have been snub: Songs for both Spectre and 50 Shades of Gray, Hell no!

3 of my favorites made it and if you been following my blog, you know I'm no bullshit!
Mad Max and Dirctor George Miller, Stallone and Shaun the Sheep (what have I been telling you all along?), Ridley Scott and Damon for The Martian.
Surprises? Al Pacino as Danny Collins (he was great as a Rod Stewart Rock Star), Lady Gaga for American Horror Story (both overrated), Spy for Best Movie Comedy??? (overrated) and The Good Dinosaur for animation??? (ok who got paid off?). And Last Paul Dano as Brian Wilson for Love and Mercy? What happened to John Cusack asthe older Brian Wilson. They both deserve the nomination but glad the movie was recognized. All this and more on the next Radio Show or this would have been one long ass blog.
NOTE: This article was printed before the Golden Globes nominations were announced.
This year is not a mess, that was last year. This year there's nothing to root for unless they listen to Golden Globes. They are always closer to want the fans like and want. Oscars still needs to catch up to the 21st Century. Check out these catagories:
No. 1 - They mentioned everything that got nominated at the Globes.
No. 2 - "..anyone's guess"? Stallone is in. Done.
No. 3 - "Mad Max?" they didn't see that coming did they?
Forget no. 4 & 5. Obviously they don't have a clue. And these are the experts!!!
And yet another trailer from China, but this does show quite a bit more especially the first half of the movie. And the Falcon does land in snow. Where does that goes in the story.

Creed 1:Quick clip of the no cut boxing scene after 13 takes after a week of blocking and rehearsals.
Update Creed 2: Full article not posted earlier with more clips.
No video but good article on the making of in rough weather conditions. Leo got the nod with Director. Tom Hardy is in the cast as supporting but no nod. But his Max got Best Picture. Sweet.
What's ironic is out of these clips not one shows Best Supporting Actress Jennifer Jason Leigh. Talk about breaking up the boys club. And of course Tarantino gets his Screenplay nod.

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