Wednesday, December 30, 2015

The Force Will Take Out Titanic for No. 2 U.S.

New Radio Show coming: The Force Awakens Boxoffice Review
Another $29.5 for a Tuesday with only 6% drop in ticket sales. At this rate Titanic will lose it's No. 2 spot by this weekend. Now it's only a matter of days before Avatar will lose it's spot. Great way to end the year for the U.S. Charts. And the New Year will start will The Force landing on the Top 5. So cool.
So what happened here. Are they still made at us for Slumdog Millionaire? Oscar winning picture which benefited no one but the producers? A movie I thought was way overrated and not worthy of the Oscar. A shame all around. So one tiny little spot where The Force wasn't strong. At this point it really doesn't matter does it?
Has anyone read her biography, the one with Princess Leia passed out on a table holding a martini?
She tells all on rough it was after Star Wars, with drinking, pills, and electro therapy, Yikes! She had a tough road and her face shows it in the film. What would you expect? It was not gravy train for a lot of these stars unlike Harrison Ford who had Indy Jones and Oscar nods. Damn lay off the Princess already, I mean General Leia. And if you don't like my opinion, Blow me!
Duh! Now that Ford killed off Han Solo he can go back to the business at hand. Remember, he was part of ensemble in the original SW trilogy and even tho he was the main star in TFW he was still part of an ensemble. With Indy, He Is the star of the movie. That's he wanted in the first place right?

This shows our age but shows our love, what do you say to that Padewans?

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