Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Star Wars Premiere

New Blog Talk Radio Show before the weekend, Star Wars and the Globe nominations.

No spoilers included but it looks like JJ has pulled it off. But what about the hardcore and the repeaters? We'll find out soon enough.

After seeing this you probably be saying the same thing I did. "How come I wasn't there!" Levitt as Yoda is a hoot. Lucky basterds all around.

Ticket sales cross the $100M mark. Can't wait for those final numbers come Monday.

Have to give it to JJ. All this talk and he still reveals nothing. No even a name or character.Now that is a gift.

Who knew that Christophen Walken was that close to working on Star Wars. Wow, that was close. Remember Kevin Spacey on SNL doing Star War Auditions as other people. I thought all that was a joke all this time. Now that is scary. Nice long interview by the way if haven't got the magazine yet.
PS Clip included below links.

History of the lightsaber. Yeah why not. Don't worry if you miss this as this should be repeated to cash in on the ratings thru out the weekend.

Gunn has good taste. Russell would be great in this. No stranger to sci-fi he would be a perfect fit.

Does anyone care? Not that Ihave a problem with Wahlberg, still love that scene in Ted 1 where he mentions all those girls names in one take. That is not easy. But it was always about those damn robots and that annoying editing. But what the hell do I know if these things make a $1Billion plus.

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