Wednesday, December 23, 2015

The Force Is With The Critic Choice Awards

New Blog Talk Radio show now playing: The Force Awakens Big Review. Note: 10 minutes of mini-reviews then Star Wars talk. Do not listen if you haven't seen the movie! Spoilers galore.

This is going to clean up at the boxoffice obviously but to all the other movie studios releasing their movies this weekend, what the hell were you thinking? Idiots!!! The $1B is so close now that the only talk is when is it going to take out Avatar.
Good article on the magic the man and machine did for R2D2. The good old days. The Arp 2600 was a synthesizer that had cables and could only play only one note at a time. Main songs to listen to? David Bowie Space Oddity, Elton John Rocket Man & Funeral for a Friend, Edgar Winter Group Frakenstein, Early Emerson Lake and Palmer LPs. This was before today's software does all the work for you.

Luke, use the Force! Well it worked here, something that has never been done before. The panel went back and voted Star Wars in after the 10 nominations had been mentioned and the voting was closed. So it looks like the Oscars were not a joke after all.
SW:TFA breaks Mondays record passing Spiderman 2 for most money for that day. What is going to happen for the Christmas weekend? Regardless of Star Wars most films are going to cancel each other out as there are too many coming out so it looks like The Force Awakens will win again. Not that its a bad thing, you know?
Well this makes sense as Captain Phasma had so much publicity and so little screen time and we never did see what happened to most of the First Order when it got blown up at the end. I can see it now, her armour got damaged from the attack and now she wants revenge. New 12" figure just like C3PO's Red Arm. Collect them all! LOL.

Last Saturday at the neighborhood theater with tickets in hand before the showing. Then me and family friends were surprised when they had popcorn in Star Wars buckets and Soda cups with your choice of one your favorite characters to put on top. And this theater never does that.

Note: More talk on Force Awakens on the next Radio show then more mini reviews.
PS we will start doing test runs for Talk Show Radio starting this Saturday at 1pm live. Not 
taking any phone calls but you can here us yakking.

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