Friday, January 01, 2016

The Force Takes Out Titanic's Box Office

Two New Radio Shows coming next week. One with The Force and the other Golden Globe coverage.
Special Edition Blog since I usually don't post holiday weekends but this is so special, lol. Stay tune for more. See James Cameron's comment about the boxoffice below links.
Bonus video included of Daisy in different sexy outfits, followed by more videos of the cast. Wow, only $20M away from No. 1 in taking out Avatar this week. Internationally it's taking Furious 7 and The Avengers leaving only Jurassic World for the No. 3 spot. This is happening way too fast, lol.
Besides the official announcement about the previous films now early prediction for Avatar as early this coming week. Wow that is very close. World Wide? Took out Potter and Ultron's around the corner and counting.
Duh! The Force sinks Titanic at the boxoffice. That's right I said it ! Now it only needs $100M to take out Avatar. Damn so close and... well so close. lol. Meanwhile....
PS update: now Variety is using the "sinks" pun, you;re welcome Variety.
How about apologizing putting Princess Leia in a slave outfit too while your at it. So he gave up the property and made tons of money for that. He is still getting a nice profit since he owns the merchandising rights which Disney is exploiting like nobody's business. Oh well old age, what do you expect.
Alol the tweets for pics, videos, artwork and more all on one article. Very cool.

Below: How James Cameron really feels about the boxoffice.

"No, wait there's a mistake in accounting! Don't believe everything you read. No it's not true, it's not...
NO !!!....................................."

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