Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Tuesday's Movie News

New Blog Talk Radio Show now playing: Trek, Bond, Transformers, more.
Reviews are coming in and it's all good. See below. All the trailers are seperated so you can click on them individually. Yes, Fast Five is my favorite so far, followed by 6 then the original.

Is it because of Walker's death nobody wants to say anything bad or is it that good. Let's face it.
Is there such a thing like a bad Fast Furious movie. Maybe weak aka No. 2 but this is not for the critics but the fans. For me a celebration of family and a final goodbye. And then......

F8 in NYC. Hell yeah! Now where do I sign up? They have to have a chase scene on one of the bridges. That is a NYC must have. Hopefully the producers don't screw that up. Interview on Kimmel included here:

Hamill always did like this role.And to see him in even more shows is a good thing. Again this show just keeps raising the bar. And lets face it, after seeing an episode of the Flash, watching Shields is such a downer. But maybe that's me...

Another Disney animation to live action. But can't help thinking of the concept a girl who pretends to be a boy. Yentl with Barbra Streisand is probably the most known. Hopefully this Mulan won't be a musical. I can hear it now. "Papa can you hear me?..."

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