Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Tuesday's Movie News

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Well we do talk about moviesright? Well there's do cool movie poster and the very cool 7 minute video short to go with it. All Action with Heavy Rock music and no dialogue. Well done Paul.

This is so much fun and that's why we love Tom Hanks. And which other actor would acknowledge all the bombs he did in the past. Joe vs. The Volcano? Really. What a great sense of humor. Love the ending with song. Nice touch.

I'l let you guys decide on thsi one as this is just a rumour but everything has been approved. Ok, whatever that means.

Oh oh, too many in one movie aka Expendables 3 doing cameos with 17 major actors.  That wouldn't be so bad if the movie is 3 hours long. Hopefully we won't get the rush job we got in XM3. At least we finally get Tatum as Gambit as that was long time coming. With Singer behind this this will be fun. Ratner ruined XM3 that won't happen again.

Concept: Rude nasty talking teddy bear with a passion for smoke, liquor, party girls. But wait!!! let's him some heart and soul and who actually cares about people. That is a big difference. As mentioned previously on the Family Guy and Simpsons crossover, even they acknowledge some of the same traits. But while Homer is dumb, he is sweet. Peter is just a plain loveable asshole. But both are idiots, but you can never get enough even tho the haters beg to differ, then you can't win. But glad Seth did.

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