Thursday, March 19, 2015

Thursday Movie News
Finally. And who knew Leviit was a Jim Henson fan. This actor is always dedicated to the work he's nvolved in and he's is going to produced this? Even better. And I could see him as Doc. Actually he could play whatever the heck he wants. Just the idea him pushing this project after so many false starts is great news. Something new from our youth is always great news besides the usual remakes.
Mentioned in the same catagory as Walking Dead and Big Bang Theory, two big huge ratings busters. Not too bad ain't it? And hopefully it doesn't burn out in the 2nd season. But with artists like Snoop Dog and Classic Patti Labelle with Jennifer Hudson belting out tunes this will get even bigger.
And even I didn't get my big fight with the two leading ladies jumping into the pool, they did have it next to the Pool table. Close enough. Next year I'll wait for the Pool scene. It's tradition damn it!
Trivia: In the episode "Die But Once" they find an old keyboard which is a Casio CZ-3000 (old school) which is the same keyboard we have in our recording studio in Brooklyn which was a big surprise.
As this answers a whole lot of questions (continues after A2) it also brings up new questions.
Like dealing with both the girl and Hicks death in A3. Oh the mystery. Whatever. Just get this done.
Now this makes sense and he would be perfect. Of course the fanboys are not happy with anything and probably would hate this for whatever reason. Check out the video interview with Parsons. Cool.

Live from Puerto Rico is still on. Due to family drama getting in the way, I'm hoping this will premiere this weekend. This will be a 5 part series (maybe more) before I leave here and head back to NY at the end of April.
An Empire Photo will be posted here tomorrow with more details.

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