Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Wednesday's Movie News.

Leonard Nimoy dedication now playing on Talk Shoe Radio.
1 video and 2 shots included in this article. While I love the trailer I hope they stop putting out anymore before we know the whole damn movie. These trailers show enough already as it is, lol.
Well you still have familiar faces and it's all about the alien attack anyways. Shame, Will Smith should have done this, his latest movie is a stinker.
Said this before and I'll say it again she is miscast and miss built. Call me spoiled or a hounddog (our choice) but I grew up with Linda Carter in the 1970's and unless this actress can grow to 44 Triple D this is not going to work. And don't get me started on the acting, who the hell cares!
I said this a few years ago and this makes perfect sense. What did I say on the radio shows? Most of the movies this year didn't even deserve to be nominated to begin with. The box office proved nobody went to see these. . And that's why nobody cared about the oscars. Who cares who wins?Look at the Saturn Awards 2015 nomination list which I posted on yesterday's blog. If the Oscar had those nominated they would get better ratings. Duh!

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