Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Wednesday's Movie News

Say Hello to my little friend!
WTF, Why? Pacino's Scarface is a modern day Fking classic. How the Fk they're going to top it? What, more FU's? Fk that. Total Fking fail and Fking LA out of all Fking places.  Fking Hollywood, not a Fking original idea in their Fking Head. Check out the video included and count the Fking FU's included. Yep, a Fking masterpiece.
Another Fking Masterpiece. Brand new Blu-ray release. What! Double dip again? Fk yeah, with abooklet included that they should have done the first time around.  This and Scarface are the perfect
double feature on a Saturday Night.
Hey dude, forget about the N word. Want to make it real? Look at the 2 pictures above. That's what the show need. Regardless of musical styles, all my years in recording and rehearsal studios, we were not talking shakespeare that's for sure. Especially yelling at the drummer for not keeping time, thank god for drum machines back then. (See Whiplash). This show belongs on Showtime/HBO then let the colorful language begin.
Sandler needs this so bad. At least it's not Grownups 3. While it's a cute idea, this has a lot against it:
Video game movies suck.
Pac Man is the villain?.
Ghostbusters wanna be ripoff.
Screenplay by Writer of Grownups 2 and Little Nicky. Total Fail.
Trailer looks like it has the best parts to the movie. Ok I'm done.

 Blog Talk Radio Special is happening for sure. Right after Empire Finale. Can't miss that.
"Live From Puerto Rico" will be a special mini-series which will include photos posted on different
Socials including Pinterest and a bunch of others. More on theshow.

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