Thursday, March 12, 2015

Thursday's Movie News

New Blog Talk Radio Show by the end of the weekend.
We got the title but no mention of the plot. Is this theone on Boba or not?  Director Johnson from "Looper" is doing SW 8. While I liked Looper his previous films where whacked. More on the show.

This past week I post Evans and Pratt visiting the childrens hospital and now RDJ is pitching in with this. This is very cool. More celebrities should be doing this. On ABC news they mention the arm costs $350 to produce. All thanks to 3D printing. The beginnings of Star Treks replicator. Yes!
Love the classic and this is really not necessary butone for an all star cast and so far the cast looks good. My problem is Director Fugua. He's direction drags too much for my taste and Equalizer was a friggin yawner for anything to happen. I know Denzal and Fugua are tight but this has the wrong director.
This should have been a few years ago instead of the Cars sequel which I did like but a sequel to Incredibles was the sequel to make and they blew that. But you can never go wrong with a Toy Story sequel. And talk about a sequel nobody is asking for (ok it's me)........
Noooooo! All I can say is Let it go, Let it go already.

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