Thursday, March 05, 2015

Thursday's Movie Links

This weeks TAlk shoe Radio show now playing. NewBlog Talk Radio show next week.
Back in the old days, we had the original "Planet of the Apes" Marathon. See all 5 movies in one day.
Didn't make it even at a young age that takes a lot of coffer to sit thru. But I love this idea for anyone who can pull it off. And the price is cool. But is there a pillow big enough for your ass to be comfortable?
Holy crap Batman, it's Daivd Bowie aka The Thin White Duke! Look it up, this is how Bowie exactly looked like back in the 70's has his alter ego Duke. Now that's scary.
While going to TV makes perfect sense since their is an audience but not as big as some other franchises, I\what I'm really surprise is that they still have 3 other movies in the works. Aren't we stretching this a little bit much?
American Sniper is going to be the Second biggest picture of 2014 after this weekend. It was released around the 2014 holidays to that's why it counts for that chart. This was the point I was making, if the Oscars had more top grossing movies, more commercial nominated the ratings would be better. The only reason the Oscars had the numbers it had to begin with was because of the awareness of Sniper.
Now the question is will it take out Hunger Games 3. Looks that way by next weekend. Let's see.

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