Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Wednesday's Movie News

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Double directors is the right way to go, look at Lego Movie and Captain America lately.
But that recent Titan video was the perfect tease for this, and of course  Neon GE, you just can't go wrong. Now the 2 questions. Suit or CG and who is he going to fight? "Let them fight!"
Great news to us fans, with that long wait for US GZ we are really forward to this.

All this means is extra cash grab at the box office. At least it's not a 3D cheat and those stunts should be fun in Imax, digital remastering experience bla bla bla....Stunts and Michelle kicking ass in a hot red dress. Jeez what else can a fan want? Well.....oh never mind then that would be rated R. Oh Behave....

Hamill was great on this. Great to see him back. Now how about more of him working with other villians. Don't want to overkill his character with too much appearences. 

Another great show even some of comments are comparing this between Batman 66? and Dark Knight. This show is on itself as far as I'm concern. Same trailer, 2 different cuts. But at the end at other promos including Flash, and Izombie. (saw premiere, have to see more for review but reminds me of Forever, working at the lab)

Well this was kind of obvious like Star Wars needs this.But its a great plus for to see before the movie. This will be a great summer starting with F7 and ending with SW. What a year this is going to be.

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