Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Tuesday Movie News

"Oh no, I've been branded and re-franchised! Who am I gonna call?"

New Blog Talk Radio show coming before the weekend.
This really has gotten out of hand. I put some news on this yesterday but nothing like the listing thats included in this article. They are not Busting around with this (couldn't resist the pun). But who would have thought Tatum is behind this? And his real life Pratt is being mentioned in this. Well Dan Akyroyd finally got his wish of rebooting this after all.

I didn't post anything related to Harrison Ford as it was too early to tell if anything really happened after the fact. But luckily instead of posting a dedication, we can look forward to Blade Ruuner news as the re-release of the original and the go ahead with the sequel. At least that's happening. The Final Cut by the way

It's about time. For us hard core fans we've waited for this a looong time. He's going to need this. That Zombie movie is not going to cut it and the jury is still out on Terminator. And we don't need a sequel to Twins. The first time was a one joke idea to begin with. Arnold, what's up with your agent?

Serkis finally got to be Director of his own film. But I can't believe his got competition with another Jungle Book from Director Jon Favreau with help from Disney's no less. Apparently someone didn't get the memo.

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