Thursday, March 26, 2015

Thursday Movie News

New Blog Talk Radio coming this weekend. Live From PR, Pt. 2, Pt.1  now playing.
Does anyone remember this show and it's movies? Well it started as a movie with James Caan and Mandy Patinkin (above). A reboot aka Apes with writers from Iron Man. Now this can work as this needs to be presented to a new audience and if they can work it out as a franchise like Planet of the Apes  then better still. The movie was great but the tv show was shakey but when it was cancelled ahead of time the studio knew they screw up and came out with the mini movies for tv at the time.
I love this see this back on the big screen and where did District 9 get the idea in the first place?
Hopefully he can with Trek is what he did with Zombies. Like in the previous blog enough with the retreads. With Trek and MI5 coming up, Pegg has "Kill Me 3 Times", An Australian film with a cast ensemble. Review coming tomorrow. In the meantime check out this interview with one of the stars..
Good interview with Braga. Haven't seen her in quite a while so glad she's making the rounds.
Movie review here and on a brand new show on BTR (Blog Talk Radio).
Another IPMan movie with a CG Bruce Lee. Not big on these movies and the idea of a Bruce CG, while a great curious piece of entertainment, is really a bad idea. If this works, would we see more of this in the future. Knowing Hollywood....

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