Monday, March 23, 2015

Monday's Movie News

New Blog Talk Radio taped this past weekend is now playing: Live From Puerto Rico.
After the success of Capt. America 2 it's no surprise. Still can't believe these guys started with Arrested Development, a show I didn't even bother watching. One show is enough for me. But if you listen to the Commentary on CA2 along witht he writers, who hopefully will do this film, these guys know how to approach this material. With Josh moving on, it's good to know this is in good hands.
Tom 'Cajones' Cruise is back, on a plane no less. These stunts are better and better.  This and F7 are bringing back the macho action back to the summer. If Sly had the budget and better scripts (less actors) he would be part of this action. And looks like Simon Pegg has a bigger part. That's more like it.
What did I say on my latest Blog Talk Radio Show? What is new is old and what is old is new.
Who knew this would come back. But it makes sense. The fans didn't like the way the show ended ans the second movie sucked. And Both Duchovny and Anderson are back. Especially Duchovny, he has to starte acting again. Californication was not much of a stretch from his real life, Duh! A short season if perfect so they can do a third movie and do it right  this time!
Casr in point: Why did Fox Tv Empire over 16M viewers tune in. Cause of people like me
who missed it the first time around and caught on Hulu (for me a Saturday & Sunday binge) so when we got to the last episode we had to see how the season ended. If there was a special report about the Big One hitting Earth we would have caught up on Hulu. And now Hulu has exclusive rights to the show for Season repeat and all future seasons. Proud to say I am a Cable Cord Cutter. So there Comcast!

Note: The latest Blog Talk Radio shows are part of a 6 part series that are taped live from
Puerto Rico. These are solo shows which are a supplement to this blog. A chance to catch up.

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