Friday, March 27, 2015

Friday's Movie Links

New BTR (Blog Talk Radio) Show this weekend. Lots of Trek Talk.
In this blog: Trek News and all related, Bond, Transformers, Bats VS. Sups
What did I say? Finally somebody woke up at the office. It makes sense. 50th year Anniversary.
And Singer being a total geekster Trekker/Trekkie (huge plus) and being in the last Trek:TNG movie, Nemesis (he gets sucked out the window at the end, freeze frame) he is the best person to make this happend. Actually he tried and got shut done thanks to the reboots. Oh heck read the article.
This has unseen TV pilots (can you recongnize some of the actors from previous shows?) and has the 14 page Treatment written by  J. Micheal Straczynski of Babylon 5 and Bryce Zabel in PDF from. Thank you LR!!!
Like Roddenberry's son David,Trek Nation (on Hulu, free) was a well done Documentary. Nimoy deserves one himself and who can do that better than his son? Looking forward to it.
Congrats to Ms. Collins on her DBE. Great photo. The one and only Edith Keeler looks fantastic.
Stewart and Macfarlane working on this should be a hit.  Fans of American Dad, like me, should get a kick out of this. What I love about Steward is he's great sense of humor about himself. He knows how to make it work.
This will add extra bucks at the boxoffice which will guarantee to beat Skyfall all time box office and it will fall into the top 5 of all time. That's not a prediction. It's a fact. Just check out for all time World Wide and you'll see what I mean.
Basicallya giant tease if anything else. No action what so ever but thrilling no less. Wait till the next one.
For crying out loud, Let it go, Let It Go!!! And they want Akiva Goldsman to lead the charge not Micheal Bay. Akiva who? Writer of Batman (the really bad one) I Am Legend (horrible third act) and Lost In Spcae (thanks for ruining for childhood). Talk about from bad to worse with this franchise. Funny video included about product placement in the last movie. Wish I could say this is  funny but when you think about it, this is so sad.
Another article worth repeating Tranformers? Hell No! Scroll to the bottom to see a 6 minute video on Batman Vs. Superman, Who would win the fight. Cool 6 minute breakdown.

Movie reviews:
Kill Me Three Times: 2/5. Disappointing considering the ensemble cast and Pegg plays it mostly straight. But it does have some interesting twists near the end. For Pegg fans and the curious only.

Tom Felton Meets the Fans: 4/5
Felton from Harry Potter fame goes to meet the fans at convention with interviews from fellow celebrities including Potter himself. Lots of cosplay scenes from Trek to Apes!  Felton does a great job in this documentary. Really fun even tho ab it short when you start getting into it like I did.

Note: A New Radio Show will premiere next week. To Boldly Go... but is still part of the Live from PR series.

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