Monday, March 30, 2015

Monday's Movie News

Check out Fridays Blog 3/27 and today's as they are both referenced on today's New Blog Talk Radio Show.
Since the Blu-ray release has done huge business with fans like me who grew up with this in syndication, this is so cool to see. With the original dynamic duo doing the voices. Check out the video included.
Maybe he's in or not. Maybe he's a Klingon or not? Same thing they did with Cumberbatch as Khan.
This reminds me of the "007 Spectre". Is Chris Waltz not Blofeld or is he using another name? Kind of fun I must say. The mystery continues. Just the idea Pegg is helping writing this is good enough for me. Again check out the picture "Paul" with Seth Rogen doing the voice of the Alien. Total si-fi Fandom. Yes, I do own that Blu-ray.
Spoilers ahead in the article. But it looks like a big opener. New stills and the video trailer again.
Time to wrap this trilogy up. The last two sucked big time. Especially the last one. That looked more like a Hollywood parking lot than Japan. And fighting a robot again aka Iron Man. Please.
Funny and stupid at the same time. Of course the video everyone is talking about is just to nasty to post here. But it's all over the internet so you can find it there.

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