Monday, March 16, 2015

Monday's Movie News
Reviews are coing in good and strong. This includes more scenes that shows a lot of the action. I wish they stop already. Save something for the premiere will ya guys? How much more convincing do you need I'm going to be there that first weekend. Oh maybe this behind the scenes clip then?
Quick behind the scenes 3 minute clip from ET show. Real stunts to tribute of Walker.
Like Big Bang Theory with their quick Leonard Nimoy tribute at the end of the show, The Simpsons included a quick video at the end of the episode. Short but to the point.
How could she top this past season singing that David Bowie song? She should have stuck around for one more season but can Lady Gaga pull it off in the new season? That Oscar bit was impressive.
Great choice. I predicted his score for Grand Budapest Hotel would win an Oscar as it was that good even tho I didn't think much of the movie. While Godzilla was disappointing his other scores prove he can pull it off. This should be interesting how his score is going to measure up against John Williams work for Star Wars. But he can pull it off.
Since Ted the movie there has been interest in bringing back Flash G but the amazing thing is tht they actually might bring the original Gordon himself Sam Jones for this. Seth Macfarlene is happy that's for sure considering what a big fan he is of the movie.

Note: Due to a tech problem both the Radio show and this blog have been delayed due to a big outage at my location. The radio show special will premiere this week.

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