Tuesday, March 03, 2015

Tuesday's Movie News

Leonard Nimoy Tribute now playing on Talk Shoe Radio.
Note: I shorten the blog title to Movie News instead of Movie News Links since it's the same thing.

Now this is the picture that should have been made a few ago. Six Director Goddard taking over is the right way to go. And both Aunt May (really?) and Venom (did work the first time) projects gone they concentrate on getting Spidey into the Marvel fold.  Spectacular this is.

Another angle on this news. Finally Avi Arad is out. Remember he said nobody would be able to fire him as it's his "property". This is so funny. Mr. untouchable is out along with others. See, anyone can be fired unless your the Mouse at House. Man I love this...

Look at the transformation begin as they shave the beard and all. That final picture does make him look like a younger Joker. I don't care what anyone says, with an Oscar win and able to change like a chameleon he should be able to pull this off.

I know, again with these friggin awards but look at this list of nominees, if the Oscars had these films nominated maybe the ratings would have been bigger. Best Sci-Fi Film Release nominees includeds Godzilla! And they have a Best Superhero Adaption TV series including Flash, Arrow & Gotham!
If only this was televised this would be fun. Maybe one of these days....

PS Heard about that James Bond Bootleg video. Yep they took it down already. So much ofr posting that article.

Note: Another Blog Talk Radio coming this week as promised. Didn't I would catch up did ya? lol.

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