Friday, March 20, 2015

Friday's Movie News

Update 3/22: New Blog Talk Radio Show
'It never got that bad when we were in the recording studio. Did I miss something?'
Wow, this got real big. Heck, that's how I caught up with this show. Binging from Ep. 1 to 6 on a Saturday and the rest on the next Sunday a few weeks ago. Yep, right on Hulu. How wonder they got the gig.
Atlanta, Berlin and Puerto Rico. How's that for strange locations in one movie. Not even Bond 007 did such a stretch. And for PR it's from the storyline of Agents of Shield when they went to San Juan.
I'm leaving PR by the time they get down here. Talk about missing the schedule.
Look at the picture of the group reunion. These were the same bad MF from all those years ago?
So far Mark Millar transition to the big screen has been a mix bag. But with Writer Chris Morgan from Fast Furious franchise this would get a better treatment. But lets face it, it's hard to screw up time travel but Hollywood still manages to mess it up anyways. And no I didn't see Hot Tub Time Machine 2. It disappeared after the first weekend where I'm at. Wow, that's bad.

2 videos included. Good fun. Lucas probably wishes he included it on one of his many re-releases.
By request this was the original article posted a few days ago which I didn't post. Oops.
From an video editor's point of view it's interesting how three different set pieces are put together for the final act of the movie. A style of the franchise that hopefully JJ will follow in No. 7.

Note: From the "Empire" episode where Lucious and Son were both playing on the guitar and keyboard, this is the Casio CZ-5000 from our Brooklyn studio. In the show they were playing a CZ 3000 which was in black casing and doesn't self record. Old gear that still matters and works.

Note: Radio show coming by the end of the weekend.

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