Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Wednesday's Movie Links

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Klingon Villain and as noted in the article some will root for him to win. Twould be a great role after Thor and Pacific Rim. But the last thing he needs to play is a previous character in the Trek universe. It has to be a brand new Villain. Resorting to rehashing old themes aka Khan is very tiresome sholwing no imagination and just plain lazy. I don't care if it's an alternate universe, enough is enough. Can we have something original? Wrap up this trilogy and get Star Trek back on TV where it belongs.
Lousy looking poster if you ask me. And they couldn't have given Gimm a better face? But it still looks like its in good hands. But then again anything could be better than the last two pcitures.
While this might be a stretch, fans will be curious (me) and zombie fans will be hungry (yep a pun) once Walking Dead ends the season. And the trailer is good timing with that. But will it end his losing streak at the boxoffice? Well this would be different thats for sure.Video and pics included.
There's more behind the scenes about Eastwood not doing Star Is Born so Cooper doing this with Beyonce is one hell of a gamble. I can see Eastwood saying this now:
Better you than me kid.
AS mentioned on the last show. Note the website as this is one of the sites Background extras use
to keep inform on the shooting locations for movies.

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