Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Tuesday's Movie News

Have to agree with everyone. It does look like the cover of GQ magazine. Where are the girls? Every cool Bond poster has the females. Well back to the shop until they get that right. Just show the mini videos and that should be good enough.

Rumours that Mike Myers wanted to do another Austin Powers. But with this and the success of Kingsmen that idea might be to late. Also Man from Uncle, another Mision Impossible and others in the making with Carig saying Powers ruined Bond I don't think the picture would be welcome.

Ptretty cool to see the new cast members but is it me or is this starting to look like an Expendables movies with all these charcters trying to squeeze in at 2 hours plus. How many are going to be in the next one?

Now this would be something that RDJ would say to DC. If anything Momoa should tell Fox with the X-Men franchise to take a hike, you just can't beat Marvel at this stage fo the game, Sorry Aguaman.

The decline of regualr tv thanks to all that binge watching on our tablets. Thanks Hulu your the best.
I would say Netflix but we don't have that hook up where I'm at or I would thank them too, lol.

Note: The radio will now be a 5 part special Live from Puerto Rico. All 30 minutes back to back for the next 3 weeks. More on tomorrow's blog.

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