Monday, March 09, 2015

Mondays Movie News

New Radio Show coming this week.
Have to admit she was a highlight of the show especially going up against the Penguin. But with so many other original characters from the comic books it makes sense to move on. But man she was good.
How the heck did this happened? Talk about not letting go. Goes to show you after that Spidey disaster Sony is desperate to franchise anything! Producer Reitman evenmoved in the studio lot to set up shop for his productions. Of course there must have been office space available after they cleaned up shop after that Spidey disaster.
This was faster than I thought. But then again considering eveything else at the boxoffice this weekend bombed. With no competition this beat Hungers Games 3 for the top spot for 2014.. It might be a cheat that most of the money was gained in 2015 but that 2014 released date is officially.
Since I didn't post last Friday this was mentioned the next day for those who might have missed the ending of the episode after the credits. Includes video of the Spock action figure episode.
While not a big mention as some others he left a major contribution both in the animation world and to the real world to help others. And a huge animal lover to boot ith his causes. Very noble.
More on the car chase and behind the scenes in Rome. Great location for a chase scene.
While the show is stll weak the year, Hemsworth sure made the best of it. And that Avengers skit was the highlight. he's having a ball with that. The episode is playing at Hulu for free.

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