Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Wednesday's Movie News Links

Both the New Live show and Radio show are now playing
With a cast like this this has to be funny aka the Lego Movie. Shame it doesn't have the Star Wars version of Angry Birds. And I love all the different versions of the games on my tablet. Maybe whoknows maybe they're saving that for the sequels. But will they pull it off. At this point does it matter?
A Remake of the 10 Commandments. Why. It was told perfectly in the 1956 version which was a remake of the 1923 versions. Lets not forget all the countless mae for TV versions. So why?
For a new generation unaware of the previous versions. Ridley Scott directing but when he did Kingdom of Heaven the studio thought it was too long and chopped that up thus not able to get an Oscar nod which I thought it deserve for best actor. And last he has the budget for the special effects to be over the top that the other versions didn't have the technology or budget for. Even tho I like to see his spin on this I'll probably perfer the 1956 with Charlton Heston and Yul Brunner as the brothers. For me that is the ultimate version. FIY: The Blu-ray has both old versions with a crap load of features. It's a keeper. 5 out of 5.
To be honest I've never even heard of this Live+ thing before the fall season started. Along with that DVR ratings system. I guess it takes whatever. But that's good news for Gotham which I like to see continue into next season. At least it doesn't look like it will turn into a soap opera like Smallville. God, what a yawner that turned into. Trivia. Smallville was supposed to be cancelled halfway thru it's run but CW11 at that time had no shows that would even get small ratings so they left theshow on the air out of desperation.
I love this girl she's just a freak. But lets face it like Madonna who was horrible as a Bond Girl (and wrote the worst song ever in the history of the Bond Film) Rihanna just wouldn't fit. Ok, she proved she can't for crap in Battleship and End of the Year she played herself. But singers should do the song but not be in a movie, Leave that up to Models and Legit Actresses.

Note: New Radio Show coming this Friday, hopefully,lol.

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